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It's more than a Concha. It's Art.

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Who are we?

A Pop-Up Bakery located in Charlotte, NC.

What's a Concha?

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Our Conchas

Our Conchas are one of a kind: Fluffy, soft, full of flavor and made with love!

Take a look below at some of our most popular Conchas.

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Vanilla Concha

Cookies & Cream

Cajeta Concha

Pumpkin Spice

Or try them for yourself!

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Meet The Owner



Hi there! I'm Norma, a self-taught baker born in Mexico, but raised in Charlotte, NC. My love for desserts and pasteries led me to making Conchas my life! I am passionate about sharing the sweets side of my Mexican culture and inspiring others that it's never too late to follow their dreams. 

Apart from sharing my Conchas with the world, I also want to create change by encouraging more Latinas to be business owners. Can't wait to meet you at my next event!

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